Filter Category by Location and vice-versa

Hello everyone!

I have a very “simple” issue… I have created various CMS collections for my website. Two of them are “Categories” and “Locations”.

I need to do some very basic filtering so that when you go to a Location, you could filter it by Category (or categories), and when you go to a Category, you could filter it by Location.

Ideally, I should have pages combining each Location to each Category or a selection of categories (ex: “Rent a [jet ski] in [Miami]” or “Rent a [motorboat] and a [wet suit] in [Malibu]”). What type of CMS Template should I create to do that… such as a Template that combines “two” CMS Collections into one single Template… but a Template can only be linked to one CMS Collection, as it seems…

PS1: if we could create a template that could use together the fields of 2 CMS Collections, it would work our perfectly. For example, the title of one of these pages could be “Rent a [motorboat] and a [wet suit] in [Malibu]”, where [motorboat] and [wet suit] would come from the Categories CMS and [Malibu] from the Locations CMS. Text could come from a mix of the two CMSs, as in a Rich Text field… Then that Template page would share products sharing these specific “fields” (multi-reference).

How could I achieve that? And how to do that without having to create too many CMS items or too many static pages?

PS2: the filtering could take place on the same page/URL or ideally jump to a new page (much better for SEO), with its specific title and texts.

Thank you in advance for your precious help :slight_smile:
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Hi @RPC Rob,

You could actually design two identical collection template pages, one for the category and the other for location. LInk the two through reference and multi-ref. Use a single static page that would then connect the two. Its how you would use filtering for categories, just add one more element to it. I wouldn’t recommend a template to start with, as there aren’t any on there that I know of that are like this.

Can you provide an example of what you are looking to duplicate?

Hi Brandon,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I do have that already… one template for Categories and one for Locations. Now, each Location has all Categories, but for each Location, the available Products (of each Category) are different (i.e.: not all Products are available at every Location).

In other words, I am working essentially with 3 CMS Collections: one for the Categories, one for the Locations and one for the Products (I also have CMS Collections for Tags and Brands/Models).
E.g.: a would like to create a template where each Category would display a list of Products filtered by Location (ideally creating new pages/URLs titled “Rent a [Category] in [Location]” such has “Rent a [jet ski] in [Miami]”).

I just do not know how to get there, as I cannot create a template (for the “Rent a [Category] in [Location]” pages) that feeds data from two/three different CMS collections (Categories + Locations + Products). My website is already online and you can check it out here:

Please, keep me posted on this…

Thank you :wink:

PS: one more issue… if you go on one of my Product pages you will see that I have an “Enquire” form. Each Product page has the same form. Is there a way to automatically “personalize” the form so that the one that receives it knows exactly which Product it concerns (i.e.: exactly from which URL/page it comes from)? For the moment, users filling the form are obliged to copy/paste in it the reference of the product…
Thank you.

Hi @RPC,

to do what you are talking about is not possible I dont think. Not without creating two full collections that read one from location and one from category.

The P.S. section is possible but will need some custom code to from there. there is a video on YT that talks about how to do something similar. Here is that link:

The video starts where it talks about it.