Figured out the background video issue!

Background videos don’t seem to work if the document body is set to flex. I have no idea how the body was set to flex, but I must’ve done it at some point. <— Edit: This was wrong, this is a bug in WebFlow’s settings. Changing other blocks to use Flex will sometimes overwrite the BODY settings.

Set it to block and it works fine.

That took over a month. It never occurred to me that the BODY settings would affect all background videos.


hi @chiltonwebb that is absolutely standard behaviour. For more informations why this happened you should understand principles of block element, basic behaviour of any background and how flex works. Once you will get these basic principles you will understand why. :man_shrugging:

I will give you a hint. Your questions should be focused what is primary “width” and “height”

Sure, but looking back on it, I was wrong.
I did not make that change.

The BODY settings were changing when I changed something else on the page. I was able to reproduce this bug last night. I ended up torching that page and starting over.

And now I’m back at my original bug, which is that text doesn’t update properly when I click on it and type.

I’ll post another thread on that though.

Odd that you can easily change it. I wonder why they let you do that, if this silently breaks other things.