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Fixed position background image scrolls (video included)

I’m no Webflow expert, but I have video proof of them problem:

A background image is set to fixed position on the ‘Body’ of the page, but when I scroll the page, the background moves with it. This was working when I first built the site.

Same in 2 instances of Chrome and also Firefox.

Try it for yourself:

Because I need a workaround FAST, I’m going to duplicate the site and look for a solution.
Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Dax!

I just tested your read-only link in Chrome and the body background image doesn’t move for me.

That’s a good start! Now try the published site:

Super-confusing, right?

Read-only link isn’t working.

Sorry, fixed it.
(20 char min)

Something screwy is going on with WebFlow at the moment. Dashboard is taking FOREVER to open, plus bad behaviour like this.

The Mobile viewport preview shows the hamburger menu correctly… my android phone does not…

Background image doesn’t move for me either.

@bbrazis Thanks for checking. Are you looking at the read-only site or the published page? The Designer view works perfectly.

If you are looking at the published site, what does the video show? A bug!
I tested on 2 browsers on 2 computers.

I looked at both, the published site worked as intended with the background image’s position sticking to the scroll.

Thanks, man. I guess this really is a bug, then.
How do we get admin’s attention?

@bbrazis, waaaait a second, you mean the background moves as you scroll? It should not do that.

Either way, this is a bug.

As you can see, the Body’s background image is set to Fixed, but it isn’t:

So you mean you want it to not scroll with you?

Correct. This is the issue as explained in the first post.

Do you know how do we get admin/dev attention on this?

Unclick fixed on the background image.

That gives the same (undesired) result, the background image scrolls with the page, instead of staying fixed.

Oh, I misunderstood you. When I said it scrolled I mean that it was in a fixed position while you scrolled. I apologize for using the wrong terminology. So yeah, if it isn’t staying fixed for you then something is wrong because it is fixed in both the read-only and the published site.

No! That’s misinformation. It is FIXED in the read-only site as it should be. It SCROLLS in the published site.
The Designer displays it correctly, the published page does not.

Hi @daxliniere

I just tested the preview and the live site on this end and it appears the bg image is fixed as expected (GIF).

Are you by chance on a touchscreen laptop? If so there’s a known quirk where the fixed bg image doesn’t work correctly on a touchscreen laptop.

I also made a quick video showing an alternative to achieve this same design.

Hope this helps!

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Yes! All tested devices have touchscreens.