Field validation in the CMS editor. UX fail!

While editing one of our CMS collections I noticed the truly terrible UX of form validation. I really thought this was generally solved in the world, but here comes Webflow showing everyone how not do it, basically.

If you have a date field in your CMS collection, you have to enter the date exactly correct, so “MM/DD/YYYY”. You cannot leave the / out, like in basically any other form. If you do you are represented with an error called “Validation Failure” upon save.


Really, Webflow?

It doesn’t show in which field the error occurred, either by telling you the field or highlighting it.
It doesn’t actually let you correct your error, since the Save field stays disabled, even if you change the date field or select a date using the calendar dropdown.

It’s like a textbook entry on how NOT to do error validation in forms.

I am disappointed, Webflow! This is literally UX 101…

You can see the action here:

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to actually edit the field and save again?

I agree that this is a UX issue. I suggest you add an item to the wishlist if none exists. Maybe then someone on the team will be able to review it and put it in front of the product team.