Allow user to edit collection data

Unfortunately, after testing / learning WF for past few weeks I’m realizing I cannot allow a user to do data entry and save that data into a Collection. Is that correct?

I’ve seen some posts, YT, etc where people post user data to another service and then have that service write the data to a collection. Seems crazy to me that we can just drag a collection field or bind a collection field to an input field and allow the user to enter data and have it saved into a collection.

Is this not supported in WebFlow natively? I’m a developer so I could just create my own API to bounce the data back to WebFlow and write the data into a collection. But, if I’m going to do that I’m not sure WebFlow is the best tool for a site where data entry is a requirement.

Am I missing something???

Webflow’s CMS is designed as a content management system, not a datastore. It doesn’t yet have anything to support user-specific binding, security, exclusion from sitemaps… it’s a different tool for a different purpose.

Use the CMS for products, blog articles, event listings, staff bios… but plan on using something else for user-specific data.