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Feedback: You can now use custom code in rich text elements

Thoughts or feedback on custom code for rich text? Drop them in this thread!

Here’s the original post :arrow_down:


Hahahaha this is GREAT news!!!

This is great!
Is the 5000 character limit of previous custom HTML embed was removed? Can we now have longer and complex codes?

The max 10k characters per embed field, and we’re looking into that limit now!


@gaby_izarra This is amazing! Great update. Wondering if/when we’d be able to use it via the CMS?

Thank you guys! Legit HTML tables finally, our SEO team are pumped!

This is a welcome enhancement! I’ll be taking a close look into it later on this evening. Am very pleased to see this.

This is great. If only Webflow would be willing to host JS files so we can run our custom scripts without making calls to external CDNs or other servers!!!


Happy to see this “light feature” happen!

Just this morning I was wishing this was a thing! Thank you Webflow!

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This is amazing! If it could be added to the CMS for blogging that would be incredible!

Update: it does work on the CMS for blogs and products. So happy! Try it out and you’ll love it!


Does this not work with the CMS?

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If this was possible in the Collections, that would be great!

Somewhat new to webflow - so could I put a custom designed button - a button that I design with webflow - like a button element that matches my site design from a page - how would I go about that if it’s possible?

Oh, I assumed it would be possible with collections. Is that a misunderstanding?

The feature is working for me from my collection entries. I’m able to place some pre tags and br tags into a collection entry, and they show up from my public site. You don’t see wysiwyg from the editor though, but you will see the result when viewing the published site.

great to know - I will play with it. I had a client last year that wanted to put buttons in his blog to link to other things on the site - he wanted a button vs. a text link. I think this should be possible - my question is can I grab the code from a webflow button and drop it in. You ahve nto tried that by chance?

Would be great if the 10k limit could be removed. :wink: That would give even more flexibility.

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Perfect timing for me! Thanks Webflow. Needed this to add a simple blockquote author in the post body - added a pre-made css style, wrapped it in a DIV and it worked perfectly! :-):smiley:

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Is that
35 ? lol