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Feedback: You can now use custom code in rich text elements

Yes please. Remove that limit. Or at least 50k.

Does this mean we can finally use self-hosted videos without all the hack-arounds?

Hi Mark, great question and I’m sure others want to know. You can do something like this through custom code if your video is hosted on another server. Here are some details that @vincent shared if you’re going that route (vs. using Vimeo or YouTube).

Today, Webflow supports short, looping videos as assets. You can vote for an idea to expand this in

Hope that helps!

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@Ntchi we’re hearing you on that request.

What type of code do you want to use, that maxes characters out?

(We’ve seen that older HTML tables take up a LOT of characters if they are built with specific table generators and need some cleanup…)

@anonymon, for example, we would like to use the custom code section to insert text elements with pre-defined anchors (footnotes) for a scientific magazine. Currently we have to host these files on external resources and have to link them to the custom code section.

I am very pleased that this feature exists. I had three projects I had to deploy elsewhere when I needed long-form content with custom code embeds. It was not practical to use Webflow for them. Thanks team for the feature upgrade.

haven’t had a change to comment on this yet, so ‘woohooooo :partying_face:

I’m hoping that this now allows me to create a contents section at the top of blog posts using anchors. Is this now possible?
I tried adding IDs in custom code to my section headings and linking to the ID but it looks like Webflow just clears the anchor from the hyperlink.
Any help here would be appreciated!

Assuming we use 1 rich text element, how many custom code embeds can be included in it? Is there a limit to the number of rich text elements (and custom code embeds) for a CMS page?


Hey Philipp, can you link me to a page so I can see what you’re doing?

@eric594 Sure, here’s a page we created for an online publication: (in German only, but an automated english translation is currently under development) or (in English, French and German)

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I wanted to integrate a FAQ schema, those take a lot of character for big FAQ pages.

Hmm… Is there a way to disable this feature?

I mean - the main purpose of using something like Webflow, is to prevent content producers from breaking the design, and this feature enables just that.

So a way to disable features like this, and remove access to using tags like H1 would be very useful.

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This does not exist as an option so you need to educate your users.

Can anyone share with me how to add tabels in Rich Text?

Did you ever find a workaround for this? Trying to do the same, no luck so far

@dva12 - you would need to prepare your HTML table element with all the necessary code, then simply paste the HTML inside the custom code block in the RTE. Just like you would have to with any custom code.