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Alternative to 5K custom code character limit

I have a table to put on a website, and intended to use embed code, but it has more than 5000 characters (a total of 12,439). How should I put this table?

I do not want to write this whole table by hand.

why you need to have this limit?

What kinda of data table are you making? Can it be made inside of Google sheets then embedded into your Webflow site?

is a simple table, like this:

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="6px"  widht="100%">
    <td align="center"><strong>DDD</strong></td>
    <td align="center"><strong>UF</strong></td>
    <td>Av. das Américas, 4666</td>
    <td>Barra Shopping - loja 120M</td>
    <td>Barra da Tijuca</td>
    <td>Rio de Janeiro</td>
    <td align="center">21</td>
    <td align="center">RJ</td>

I would like the table had the layout of the site, embed google do it?

I am also having problems with the character limits, especially using the embed widget. I regularly embed a bit of HTML for a product filter (over 5000 characters) on various projects, and would like to keep the HTML structure exactly the same - the best way to do this is using the embed widget.

Somehow, I was able to paste a lot more than 5000 characters before, but not anymore - every time I double click the widget to open up the code editor it now just displays “Custom Code cannot exceed 5,000 characters”

I have the same problem too. Is there anyway to solve it and paste the code with more than 5000 characters.
This is realy strange limitation wich causes a lot of problems for me.
Can anybody solve it?

+1 for this.
Why do we have this 5000 char. Limit?

The embed widget’s storage mechanism isn’t optimized for large text storage - in the interest of performance we’ve placed a 5k char limit. If you guys can provide some examples for what you’re looking to do with the embed, we’d be happy to help come up with workarounds.

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In my stuation:
I’m trying to integrate Project Map to my site and this is looks like page iside of the page. Once webflow let me paste a code with more than 5000 symbols (I don’t know how and don’t remember when). But now I can’t change anything inside of it.
My link:

Hi @Kowkin, while the 5k limit is in place, one thing you can do, is to put your custom code in an .js file and host that on dropbox or other host and then link to the javascript file that has more than 20k characters.

In the javascript file, you might need to use some javascript writeln method to write your table out at run-time. If you need an example of this, let me know :slight_smile: I am happy to help.

See this article:

Here is the wish list for this item: Increase Character Limit for Embed Widget

I hope this helps !


Thank you, @cyberdave.
I’ll try to paste my code like that and if you have example I would like to see how it works alive (I’m really not strong in coding, sorry).
Hope that someday webflowteam will turn that 5k limit off.

Hi @kowkin, I sent you a direct message.