Feedback/Suggestions for my Site

Hello guys,

Quite new to Webflow and even newer to website design! As a professional musician, I decided I had better set up my own website and, as none of the templates were what I was looking for, decided to start blank and do it all myself!

It feels a bit bland at the moment. Was so proud of it when I was finished and then realised I had basically copied Facebook (in terms of white content boxed on grey background- whoops!!).

Would love to make it more vibrant while still keeping it looking professional.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I’m looking forward to your replies! :smile:


Lovely job @adenmazur! I like the way that it is organized and the colors are refreshing as well. Maybe style the contact form to match the website style?

Other than that, it’s looking fantastic!

You have a nice clean look started so not a bad first attempt :grinning: I’d recommend looking at adding more spacing to improve the openness in some areas and tightening it up in others to make text more contained and readable.

Well used space along with font size and scale is important to create more interest especially in a “clean” design. You probably should think through where you want your viewer to take action and what’s the most important info or action you want them to take first.

Did you export this and then apply captcha to the form?

Thank you! I’ve taken on board your suggestion and spashed the colour onto all the forms!

Thank you.

Yes, you’re right - some of the spacing isn’t quite working yet. I’ve tidied up some of the text boxes (though just subtly at the moment!)

The “register” form is a widget from another website - the script comes with the captcha thing so I didn’t have to do anything complicated there.

Very nice! Maybe change the button color as well?