Feedback on Restaurant Design

I have just finished a design for a local London Restaurant,

would appreciate any feedback to improve the website and any feedback on how I layed everything out within the webflow backend

The live version of the site is

The Share link is

Hi @designmark,

Congratulation on your new project. You did a good job with the different sections, also I like the color tones you chose, makes sense. You could try add a little bit of interractions so people know what they are clicking on. Why not add some mouse over effect on buttons for example ? Frommy perspective I feel like the overall font size might be a little bit too small for desktop version. Carefull also with super thin typography :slight_smile: Try different version and decide what works best :wink:

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Yep - agree with @anthonysalamin - good job - just some subtle depth (some parts have a little shadow and others don’t) and a little movement needed on hover to give it a little more life…

I think a small increase in weight on the nav menu items - a little too minimal maybe.

Maybe a hero line/CTA above the steak - it’s looking tasty enough as is - but a little teaser/enticing words would go well there - maybe handwritten style?

Hungry now :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the feedback, I will have a fresh look at it and try and make those tweaks.