Ecommerce - Digital Products?


I saw in the landing page that in round 2 “Sell digital and downloadable products” will be possible.

Any idea when round 2 approx. is? Trying to set up a new store and wondering if it’s worth to wait.

Alternatively, any workaround? Would it work if I treat it as a physical product where I gather the payment and manually send the goodie over via email? (Besides the delay on replying) For this I’m assuming I can customize the text in the email to let them know I’ll get back to them in 24h I guess.

Thoughts, please? :pray:


I’m also SUPER keen to sell Digital Products!

In fact, it’s the only type of product I’ll sell.


I haven’t looked yet, but PERHAPS you could set up a CMS Collection of uploaded PDF files and then use Variable Tags in your eCommerce emails to populate links for download.

Alternatively, a link out to other file formats via Dropbox could work too.

Oh dang, I just assumed that you could sell digital products too. I was planning to use Webflow’s ecommerce platform to launch a digital product in the coming weeks, a no-go is no bueno!


I really hope they add this soon.


I have the same question! Would love a timeline on this. Been thinking of starting a site with Webflow, but am holding back for digital/downloadable products.


We’re now in April 2019. Just wondering if we have a timeline or anything on this yet?

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Hi all.
Foxy allows you to sell digital products (and any other type of product) in Webflow with no programming experience required: +

Feel free to reach out and we can help you get started, hop on on a phone/Skype call, or anything else.


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I too am keen to know when this might happen. Be really good to have some Webflow staff member give us an approximate date just so I can potential clients and sell as an additional service.


I’m not sure what you mean here? Are you looking for advice on marketing digital products? Or looking for ways to sell them through webflow?

@sarahfrison I am looking to sell digital products through Webflow, but the e-commerce feature doesn’t actually allow that yet, only physical products. I was asking when that “coming soon” (previously it said “round 2”) will happen since it’s been quite a while since the release already

whoops @saravssantiago. I meant to reply to the last person who commented on your post. Their comment was pretty vague. I used the wrong reply button.

For what it’s worth, I’m using Ejunkie to sell digital downloads. Nothing against Foxy! They work great as well but I needed VAT options Foxy doesn’t have yet. It’s super easy to set up and only costs $5 a month.
The product pages aren’t live yet so I can’t say anything about user experience etc with Ejunkie. Other than that, very :ok_hand: .

other e-commerce and shopping carts are available :wink:


Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there might be an option to set up an automated email respond (including a download link) to the customer after receiving an “order received” mail?

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I’m in the same boat. I only offer digital products. I think I’m going to throw the towel in and just host my store over at sellfy.

Any sort of progress or updates for us @PixelGeek ? A lot of people seem to be needing this feature!

Until Webflow implements this, could you not utilise zapier and connect ecommerce emails with mailchimp to auto-send emails containing download links? I personally haven’t tried it but it seems viable.

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Yep, but in order to do that, we’re adding 2 more subscriptions to the project (or at least 1 since Zapier’s free version is super limited) and complexity that shouldn’t be needed. If Webflow could just create a digital download feature where we can input the donwloadable and have it send links out, it would just be solved :slight_smile:

Any news on this? I too am interested in this as a Webflow option. I know there are one million ways to do this with third party services. Just interested in Webflow here! Thanks!


Would greatly appreciate an update on digital download in e-commerce, I just built an entire site for my client and can’t launch due to this!

Any workarounds are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @danielinnov8.
Foxy can definitely help with this. Just responded to your email.