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Animation studio | First Webflow site

Hey :wave:

I’d like to share my first Webflow project: The website for Danish animation studio Nørlum, who were involved in feature films like Song of the Sea and Long Way North.

Every kind of feedback is welcome. The website is at its first stage as we had to get it live asap.

The website:
A bit about the design patterns:


Thank you!


I love the site, and such great projects in the portfolio… Kudos, it’s really great looking.

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Thank you Vincent :100: And indeed, I had great artwork as a resource for this project, the studio is great - (It’s my brother’s, spoiler hehe).

Looking good, very professional.

There are a couple of bugs that you can quickly fix though:

  • this one is global. Most of your gray-on-black fonts fail the recommended by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines contrast ratio of 4.5, being somewhere in a 3 range. In other words you may want to increase your fonts’ lightness for better readability.

  • some pages have horizontal scroll meaning that you most likely used 100vw as a width for some elements

  • I am not sure if this play button is where it should be. It looks off being where it is on screen and I’d expect it to be right under the title and description not far to the right.


  • your background images are set to repeat here, set them to cover instead.