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Feedback: KLM Airline prototype website

Hi everyone,

Just finished a prototype website about KLM.

Would love to get feedback on what I can improve in terms of design & how the website is built. Also, I have encountered a few things I don’t seem to be able to fix.


Problem 1:
Back button doesn’t vanish (interaction bug?)

Problem 2:
Hover effect doesn’t work when the interaction is initiated:

Edit: forgot to add the read only link;



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I really like the nice and simple design. I had the same problem with the hover effects over the photo. One solution is maybe to try to decrease the image size, this might play a factor. Either way if it does not work, I would still decrease the size because as I scroll past the location images the website starts to freeze up and not scroll smoothly.

Overall, I really like it. There was some confusion in a couple of places, I think this would become more apparent when older generations are browsing the site, but perhaps younger ones too.

This menu could do with being more obvious. I’d maybe even make it visible all the time. I really like the design idea though.

This section feels incomplete. It probably makes more sense to keep the back button there if you’re going to stick with this approach, and have the back button close / fold up the entire section.

Thanks! I’ll definitely try that.

I think i’ll add an interaction on the little circle button that makes it a little more obvious that it’s clickable. I agree on the back button, i will just replace the Book now button with the back button to fold it up.

Looks pretty sweet. How did you do that blur effect on the hero?


Here is how:

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Very clean, nice job. I like the Circle as it is… maybe just have it open when the page loads, then have it close after a specific amount of time. Just an idea.

As far as your photo grid area. I think the Loop in the interaction are causing the hover to do that. I wouldn’t have thought to use the hover the way you did though (style panel), I probably would have just used the interactions panel to try to get the same results.

I like the clean look of the site, best of luck.

Why didn’t i think of that!

I’ll try the interactions hover.

Edit: The hover interactions just kills the other interaction :confused:.

I’ll have to go and try it myself… and let you know.

Hover from the Style works until the interaction kicks in, and the way I said I would have done it turns off the other interaction. Neither seem to recover. Sorry… maybe someone else has a solution.

You can view what I did real quick here: