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(Feedback) Device preview site

Since it got featured on the webflow Facebook account and I got a message from a user to explain some details-maybe there are more people interested in my little project.

This is just for personal purpose and it is not finished der. Maybe you guys also have some interesting thoughts or wishes that I could integrate.

I dont have a final ui yet. I m not sure whether i Öl have a left or top menu, grouped selections with pre defined devices or a isotope filtering thing…

And its not working on Sites that block bring loaded into an iframe.

(Desktop view only cause ipads are bad ass large).


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Ps devices are css but not polished yet.

Main purpose was to have a “responsinator”-ish site and to have a super quick look on all page outputs on mobile devices, but to have control over layout, devices and of course no ads ;).

Nice and very useful concept.
Couldn’t test any links yet, though… But I believe that, when finished, this will be a must have on our libraries.

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Hey @nita_design,

Thank you very much. If you have any feedback or advice regarding new elements, implementations or regarding better or other ui please let me know.
I d appreciate it.


Hey @Daniel_Schultheiss
Thank you a lot for sharing this ! Very useful.

Hey @Blaise_Posmyouck,

thanks for your feedback. If you have any advice for a better ui or tips, let me know :).

I thought about to make a difference between

  • mobile phones
  • tablets

and group them together. So let the user make the choice between option 1 and 2 and then display these instead of having all devices listet together ?

I also thought about having the device being scrolled in a fullpage.js script - but then when i set one item to be hide(); by clicking a checkbox, fullpage.js section is still visible but blank. thats annoying.

Maybe also to have a top to bottom nav, instead of the left sticky nav bar?

Or to be fancy use a isotope or mixitup plugin to show devices and filter them?!


I just added another feature to share your actual preview site as a link, that gets copied to your clipboard.
Just enter a url and then hit the button in the lower left corner. Then you ll see the url in a input field and beneath that is another button.

Hit that and the url gets copied to your clipboard for copy&paste.