UI Mini Experiments [Journal]

A Website where I will be posting my mini-learning experiments within Webflow. Will make this website more interactive as I continue to learn things along the way.


Designed to mainly see on Desktop for now, will think about phone in the future, for now just want to focus on learning the small little interactions that makes Webflow awesome to use.


Cool @BrianHermelijn
Good idea :slight_smile:

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Hey @zbrah

Thank you. Its definitely a way to keep myself actively practicing.

On a side note, updated with another experiment.

Wonder if I should keep updating this thread with the experiment links, kind of treat it as a journal. Would that be okay on this forum, or is that considered as a spam?

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Keep it as a journal… you are keeping all of these experiments on one site? Correct? :wink:

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Yeah I thought maybe as I continue updating the site, I can post the links of the new experiments maybe on a weekly basis, seeing that threads gets deleted after 2 months of no activity.

So treating a thread as a journal is fine then. Awesome. Will continue updating with new links as I continue adding more experiments on a weekly basis then.

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nice. i’m interested in what else you’ll create :slight_smile:

keep it up!

Thanks for the encouragement @PixelGeek

Experiment of today, simple animation

Realized today that you can easily just make a mini-animation prototype to preview what the capabilities of the design you’re making can do.


Not quite sure why the home button is doing that on this page. :thinking:

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Thanks to @zbrah I finally understood the animation he made for doing multiple animation from a single button click.

http://ui-mini-experiments.webflow.io/experiments/experiment-04 (Can try it out here)

Button A clicks
Button A clicks (Affect different elements) = Button B
Button A clicks (Affect different elements) - Button C

This way when you click on Button A it activates the other interactions for the other elements.


Great @BrianHermelijn :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see your projects with crazy interactions, don’t forget to share :wink:


Updated with a recreation of a dribbble shot I did in webflow

Dribbble shot

New experiment up.

(Currently only the block for Affinity Designer Works)

Dribbble shot

Started working on that Movie project website, instead of doing it for local, I am switching it to “What if” movie site was so and so approach etc. by evaluating other movie sites first.

Hopefully Interaction 2.0 will be here soon, because that definitely adds up to the general concept I have in mind for interacting on this Movie Website.

Trying to figure out how to make the scroll animation work for lets say when you scroll for the Dynamic List Block items to fade in, and some appear fading off of the screen.

But will post it for now.

Finally figured this out. Multi color animation on a loop.


Just a quick update, haven’t been posting due that one of my laptop part (power connector) started malfunctioning, so won’t be posting till next week, but sketching out all the UI stuff that I will be working on, on paper.

ps: Glad that I studied IT and enjoy troubleshooting/dissassemble laptop or desktop.

pss: first forum that is actually responsive, good stuff webflow.

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Update of what is going on. We purchased the laptop connector which took 2 weeks to get it, but that didn’t solve the problem.

And since I don’t have any spare parts to troubleshoot the mother board, we just going to send the laptop back to the shop we purchased it from so they can further do the testing.

Wanted to see if I could fix the problem, but can’t with no available spare parts for troubleshooting. (IT is originally what I studied + interned and learned from online sources as well, the down side is that for solo repairing you need spare parts for testing)

So yeah , will be back around 3 to 4 weeks.

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Ask Dann petty for his Macbook pro, he is giving it away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k8JRZXbzmg&t=0s

So damn cool!!! :thumbsup:

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I do indeed know of the giveaway, but I am willing to just have patience and see what will happen with the dell laptop since its not even six months old, probably just faulty hardware.

So yeah, shall let someone whom is more of in need of a laptop to enter the design field, while I patiently wait for mine to get back, to get back to creating/experimenting/designing

Thank you

Alright finally back in action, currently using my dad’s laptop which arrived this week, but next week I will receive mine. It seems I will be getting a new one from the company we purchased the laptop, so yeah that’s what’s going down, now lets get back to business shall we.

Will get back to the webflow experiment stuff and the movie personal project that I commenced before laptop went down within the upcoming week.

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Couldn’t resist the urge not to create so yeah, already commenced immediately with the wireframe project for the Movie Experimental project I am currently working on.

Do have more, but will just post this one for now and so forth.

Will be recording the process when I start the design phase, then transfer it to coding in Webflow.