Question about the Webflow forum

So it looks like Webflow are hiding the forum for new users now? If so, this is concerning as many solutions are found from users interacting. This is not a good portent as a long term user and I’m interested to hear what other people think both new and older. What baring does this have on long term viability?

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@Sam_Sharpe when you mean hiding the forum for new users, what exactly have you seen or heard from someone?

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@chris_loggins go to the homepage for webflow, click on forum and be greeted by some corporate FAQ rather than an actual forum is what I mean.

It’s like two or three clicks deep rather than one. Shit UI/UX or in how I think: Design

@Sam_Sharpe the forum homepage is meant to provide a more clear way of finding where they need to go in the forum and in addition it points to extra help resources. It definitely has reduced the number of posts made in the wrong categories which helps other people who will search the forums in the future. Now some people may not like it, but design is subjective.

Why not just create a bookmark to the actual forum homepage (

When the old link ( was updated I was confused initially but the discourse subdomain is just like the old forum subdomain.

As @chris_loggins mentioned, this page is to help new users quickly find the appropriate topic/conversations—not for folks who frequent the forum regularly.


@Sam_Sharpe Webflow has provided a reliable and usable tool, I don’t think it’s fair to call it inferior especially seeing the results of sites/web apps made with Webflow. Now, Webflow has been slow or lacking on a few things which they have addressed and are currently working on.

I haven’t been bought. I know I sound upbeat about Webflow most of the time because it works and if I have an issue, the majority of the time there is a solution. The solution may not be native to Webflow at the moment I experience an issue or need a certain feature, but’s never like something is impossible. Another reason for my upbeat attitude toward Webflow is because I never will never be one of those people who are like “I can’t do this natively in Webflow, I have to use a third-party tool for this…Webflow sucks!!!” or one of those people who don’t try to come up with a solution before complaining about something.


@chris_loggins read what I wrote. I think Webflow is a great design tool. It would be a great shame to lose it as a designer because of idiotic decisions outside of our control. But the more Apple style UI/UX is genuinely of concern.

Why’s it changed please?

@Sam_Sharpe the last part of my post was more so addressing this “I sincerely hope you didn’t get bought out or took some inferior product because your funders told you too.” I had to clarify.

looks like they sold out and i hope not cause that would be shit

For existing long-time users this seems like a backwards step, and indeed I fed this back as part of this request for feedback on the new design;

From this, it looks like they’ve got a plan to revamp the forum area and there must be something driving it. It’s not called out specifically, but I would imagine this is aimed at users who are new to Webflow as we all know the focus is growth and onboarding new accounts (I can’t seem to go anywhere on the web without seeing a Webflow ad right now…) and anything they can do to engage those users is likely to aid revenue. I imagine it’s a product with a high fall-out as it’s certainly got a steep learning curve for the inexperienced users that are targeted.

Give them the feedback. I’m sure they will likely have a target to achieve with all this which will be measurable in some way anyway :wink:

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Hi @Sam_Sharpe thank you for your feedback regarding the forum. Our team is working on several feedback points in this next iteration, and we think that it will be a welcomed change.

We had noticed that dozens of similar or duplicate posts were being added to the forum each day, which can be difficult to keep up with for our community. We’re working to provide resolutions to each community member, and surfacing those through search and an organized listing was a first step.

We’re very grateful for feedback from the community on ways to help improve this experience and are excited for future updates to improve the utility, experience and organization of our forum. Please let us know your thoughts here:

Sam, I do ask that you please revise a few of your posts in this thread to comply with our community guidelines to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for all. Thanks in advance!

Please let me know if you have any questions, I’m here to help.

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Have you noticed, that every single of your answers contains strong language? And have you considered how that reflects on you and the opinion you want to discuss here?

For me as a regular but heavy duty Webflow user, being a certified UX pro myself, I can say that they created a very good starting point for the forum.

There are other things and decisions that deserve more criticism, imho. :wink: