General Critiques of Webflow Site

A. Forum Link
I noticed that in order to get to the forum I have to either click the link at the bottom or go to Help & Support, so why not add the forum link at the top in the blue bar of Webflow?

B. Landing Page Webflow -
I am not sure if this is intentional, but when I am on the landing page, even though I am logged in, it doesn’t show my name on the landing page? Is that how it’s supposed to work, or am I missing something here?

Because when I go back to the webflow, I get back on the landing page, and I have to click on log-in to get back in the innerpage unless I write per say.

So I think, for me at least, its better to just direct the user to the inner-page if they’re logged in, and if they logged out, get back to the landing page?

C. Pricing Tables -
A point I already made in this post Webflow site's redesign is beautiful and ineffective , but I feel the icons are not clearly explaining the context of what they are. So a much clearer icon illustration could solve the problem, from what I seen.

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