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Scheduled maintenance and updates to the Webflow Forum - July 1, 2021

Hello everyone! We are working on some updates to the Forum experience and may have a few minutes of downtime between 11am - 2pm PST today.

We’re migrating our forum to a new sub-domain and launching a new forum homepage experience. :webflow_heart:

We’d love to gather feedback in this thread and look forward to hearing from you (cc @matthewpmunger).

Our team will also gather feedback over the next few weeks about experience improvements, and work on continuous updates.

A new homepage is a great idea, but what’s the need to change the subdomain? To be honest, sounds and looks way better than Also, users can still see Webflow Forum and Forum in the top bar, even though the subdomain is different. Then it would be better to change it to Webflow Discourse, no? Why not moving the homepage to

Anyway, not a huge deal — I think the homepage is a good starting point for newcomers. The subdomain change might be strange to some people including me.

P.S: I don’t think Discourse (the forum engine) told Webflow to change the link — it would be strange. Another conspiracy theory I can come up with is that Webflow folks are gonna launch their own forum created in Webflow. Conspiracy theory for sure lol.