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Feature request - hide email address from spambots

I just published my new website and within a week after publishing I received spam to the previously unseen email address.
Please add a tickbox next to the email address field which would obfuscate (hide) the email address from spambots crawling for email addresses.
I’ve tried to research how to do this myself but don’t have the [javascript] skills to get it to work. Research eg:
Screen shot how I’d like it to look:


Did anyone ever pay any attention to this post?
Thank you

You could use Cloudflare which has an obfuscation feature… admittedly I’ve not tried it with any Webflow hosted site but I cannot imagine there would be an issue.

Yes… I’ve often thought about this myself. On other sites I’ve always used JS to hide email addresses from spambots but based on Webflow marketing, it’s a ‘NO CODE’ development tool. Maybe post it to the Wishlist and if you are lucky, it may be added in a couple of years. :+1: