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Link to hidden page as Recaptcha alternative?

Hey there!

Just a general question/idea,

the main thing I wonder about is:

  • Would this work to some extent?
  • Do you have tips for me, on how to do this?

Instead of using Recaptcha I’m thinking it might be an idea for me to completely exclude certain information on my contact page. And instead making a button, linked to (opens in same tab) a duplicate page of the contact page.
The duplicate page does have the needed information. The page is excluded from the the index file. And set not to be searched by engines.

Would this work?
Do you think this approach would reduce spambots of getting contact information?

Do you have tips on this?
If this would be an idea that could work, I wonder how to exclude the ‘second/copy’ of the contact page from Search engines best.

I red different approaches, it seems the best way would be to both exclude the page from the index file and to generate a robots.txt file in the SEO settings, excluding the page like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /page-name

I’m aware this might not be the most fancy idea, when looking under the hood. Extra work is required when content needs to be updated (on both pages). Besides that, are there other downsides to this approach?

I will be really happy with your tips.
Thank you!

Hi, @studiosnackbar. Your idea is a great one. , but it would require a lot of work as you said.
Now the best way of hiding your page from search engines please check out this page from webflow. Remove content from Google’s index

Also, check out this link for information about ways to keep spambot from sending you spam to your business email and or email. Please note this doesn’t stop them completely, but it still slows them down. here is the link: How to Protect My Website from Spam Bots and Fake Signups

Now when it comes to your overall idea I would like to see it implemented, but the question you need to ask yourself is how can you hide a link from spambots but still allow users to see it. I know you spoke about not using a link or a button, but how can you give users and or (potential clients or customers) the ability to access this information without allowing spambots and spammers to access it?

Now I know this may not be of good help, but if you are to do this please, by no means, I am not saying don’t do it I would like to see this implemented become if you can find a way that stops spammers and spam Bots from finding information such as this I will support you 100%. ( please I don’t mean financially.)

Now I don’t know if this would be of some help to you, but here are some links to help you understand ways to keep your email and site info from being seen.

links 1 : Hide Email Address from Spambots

Link 2: 5 Tips for Hiding Your Email Address from Spammers

Please don’t give up. Best of luck