How do I protect my e-mail address?

On the website I have created with Webflow, I state my e-mail address so that people can contact me. In one place I simply just state the e-mail address (as it is inside a text block) and in another place I use a link block and “hide” the actual e-mail address behind the text “send e-mail”. I am unsure if this last method actually “hides” the e-mail address from these robots that scans web pages for e-mail addresses or do they also check the code behind the web page?

I am little worried that my e-mail will be sougth out by some of the robots that scan web pages for e-mail addresses and used for spamming. I have already started receiving some and I have not given away my e-mail address to anybody else yet. Any tips on how to protect my e-mail address when making my website with Webflow? I do not mind adding som HTML code to the files that are exported from Webflow.

Hi @BlipBlopDK, here’s an example of how you could obfuscate your email address using jQuery. Anywhere in your page where you have the whole "" email string is at risk of robots scanning the site, so you must build the link from separate parts after the page loads.

Hope that helps!


I have a js function as well… though yours is prettier. Now it’s mine - thx :wink:

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I usually put email addresses as images.

How could you do this for email addresses that are held in a collection? I.e. you’ve got a Collection with team members where each has an email address field. How would you best include this in a dynamic list, while adding something like the above mentioned protection? Many thanks!