Extra verifications before purchases?


I’m fairly new to Webflow and I’ve tried creating a website involving Ecommerce and everything’s been working fine for the most part but I ran into a couple obstacles.

  1. When creating a Checkout Form / Page, it seems impossible to add extra input fields or extra checkboxes. I.E. Instead of a field for “Full Name” I want to have 2 separate fields for “First Name” and “Second Name”. For the checkboxes, apparently they can only be placed in the “Additional Info” element but you’re limited to only 1 and I require multiple. I tried with radio buttons as well as custom fields but I always get the error “This needs to be placed in a Form” despite the whole thing being… you know… a checkout form.

  2. I need to implement some sort of check that would allow a client to state if he’s a private individual or a company, for the sake of B2B or B2C procedures and then have VAT apply the tax accordingly for whatever purchases are made. These would tie in with number 1) from above, since if the client had a field to state these things and maybe the VAT in case of a company, it would solve a lot of manual checks afterwards.

  1. Would it be possible to implement these checks before reaching the Checkout Page? Say by adding a checkbox to the Cart Footer or anything along those lines?

Thank you in advance for the help. I must certainly be missing something, since I refuse to believe these limitations for very basic functions are intended! :smiley:

Anyone? Pretty please?