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E-commerce - Checkout and Cart Help

Hi guys

Creating my first E-commerce site and just running into a couple of problems.

It’s for a delivery service and the client wants to capture as much detail as he can before delivering a product so I was going to do this in the checkout page so they can fill in the info and pay all at the same time.

The issue being is the client wants to add more fields to the check-out page form but it won’t allow me to add text or phone fields.

What I need added

  • 2 more street addresses in the shipping address
  • Phone field in Customer info

Anybody any info on this? First time trying it.

Link to the page

Also anybody an idea why my cart menu is opening inside my navbar? cart menu in the navbar. In settings, it opens fine but in preview it opens inside my navbar instead of a modal. Anybody know why this is happening?

Link to page:

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much guys!