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Adding a field into checkout form

Hi there,

I need to add a series of drop-down or radio buttons in order to offer my customers an option to select various shipping arrangements (scheduled delivery, tailgate delivery). Essentially a white-glove delivery service. Is this something that’s possible at the moment? If not, is there a work-around?

Let me know if you’d need a share link for my project.

have you found a solution yet?

Hi @Chutchy and @Shais_Ahmad

You can use a built-in Additional Info block to get more input from your customers during checkout, but at the moment it’s fairly limited and offers only 3 fields.

@Chutchy based on what you’ve described you want to build, i assume it’s not powerful enough to solve your use case, especially that it doesn’t necessarily work as an add-on on top of the shipping selection. i’d encourage you to add the idea to our wishlist (, so we can collect what types of additional functionality we could add.

@Shais_Ahmad could you please tell us what specific fields do you need? what functionality do you want to build?

Here’s how the native field looks like:

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

I think you should allow the designer to add as many fields as possible on additional info and then that info can show up on the order.
For example, Number fields, address fields, multiple choice fields. Furthermore I think webflow needs a larger variety of fields such as date and time fields also.

Agreed. I’m sad to see how limited it is at the moment.

@maciejjasinski It would be great if form fields could be added into the Additional Information box. For my project, purchases go towards helping a shelter around the country. I really needed a dropdown selector for the user to choose which shelter they would like their purchase to help.

I would also need a radio button or/and a dropdown to choose from multiple choices!

I need the customer to choose from several pickup-stations…

Cem here hoping to find an answer why my 2nd addtionional info field is not sending information.
@WebflowCommunityTeam Why is this not possible?