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Extra space on tablet /mobile view

Hi Guys,

I amended the home page on my site recently, - but there is now white space, around 100px to the right of the page when in view mode - on tablet and mobile view. Notably, only on pages where I have used flexbox: The Home page, the Timeline (About/Timeline) page, and a test page I use.

I’ve read posts about similar issues, and tried that out, to no avail…
Can you help me be rid of this extra space as its spoiling the user experience of the site? I’d be extremely grateful!

Public link:

Many thanks in advance


With interactions, you’re telling a lot of elments to “go outside the page” then to “enter the page from where they went”.

Going outside of the page make the body increase in width, hence the gap.

Select the sections you have elements with such interactions, and give them “overflow:hidden”, then your problem is solved.

Hi Vincent,

Overflow:Hidden worked a dream!!!

Thank You!!!


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