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Letter Spacing Problem

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a problem with my site, but the letter spacing feature in the advanced type settings doesn’t seem to work. No matter what typeface and weight combination I use, it just adds it to the class but doesn’t affect the design. I’m sure it used to work perfectly a few weeks ago.
Any ideas?

Hi @deezel, do you have a link to your site that you can share? You can enable your public read only preview link on your Site Settings page ? Are you trying to apply the spacing to text in a heading, paragraph or text block, do you have any other classes assigned to this element such as a parent class? Are you using a Span ? these are also things we can see when you share the public link. :smile:

Look forward to your reply… Cheers !

Hey, Dave.
Here it is

Best regards.

Hi @deezel, can you take a look at my video response:

Could you verify the main points:

  1. Are you seeing something different than my video
  2. What browser do you use, when using Webflow? Is it a beta version?
  3. What size is your monitor or laptop
  4. Are you on Mac or Windows operating system and what version ?
  5. Are you able to duplicate this on a blank new site? I mean, this specific issue on a blank, clean site. You might have to construct just the elements having the issue. Reproducing something, is also a great way to find out how to correct the problem :smile:

Cheers, I await your reply :smile:

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Hey Dave, thanks for the personal approach and video, it helped my immensely.
I found out what was causing the problem: normally, Webflow’s designer adds a px automatically after your numeric input. In the letter spacing input box, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case and “px” has to be entered manually. I feel super dumb for not trying this earlier.

Thanks again and have an awesome weekend. :smile:

Great @deezel, thanks for the update. Yes, most of the time, when there is a problem, and the immediate cause is not known, just walking through it sometimes helps us to see the little things :smile: It is also good for us to see how these little things behave from time to time, to see if it is something we will change the behavior for.

Cheers and you have a great weekend too :smile: