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External .html code rendering in webflow website

Hi … I have a learning material created in iSpring Suite which I would like to use in webflow website. When the presentation in iSuite is exported, it gives u the .html file. Till now, ive used dropbox for this, i created the site folder in public folder, where i copied everything and then for .html file i created a public link and used it as follows:
<iframe src="" height="100%" width="100%" allowtransparency="true" backgroundcolor="white"></iframe>
But, since the dropbox is discontinuing the feature of rendering the .html i need to look for another solution for this. So, i paid the multihosting - basically having an ftp server where I could store all the learning material now, but cannot figure out, how I should make the .hmtl files work in that iframe code. The website i wanted to use it in is hosted by webflow.
the website:
example of a page how it should be working:
Could anyone please help me with this?