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Embed html hosted on dropbox

trying to embed a test html doc, hosted on dropbox using Embed feature.

the html code is exported from a prototyping tool, making it possible to embed prototypes into web pages.
I try to add the code from the top level “frame.html” doc into webflow, to have it link to the “index.html” file located on dropbox. no luck though, I would suggest a tut on how to embed different types of scripts and media in webflow – but for now I am stuck. any help appreciated.

I am too much of a novice to add or remove anything from this code – I guess a lot of it could be removed when embedded with webflow.

the code from “frame.html” I am trying to embed links to a “index.html” on dropbox and looks as follows…

test1 - player
<script type="text/javascript">
	var prx = {};
	prx.orientation = 'portrait';
	prx.orientations = {};
	prx.orientations.portrait = 1;
	prx.orientations.landscape = 1;
	prx.project = {}; = '48a2ed13-c9ff-42e0-bbd6-7d78af58cce3';
	prx.project.title = 'test1';
	prx.project.version = -1;
	prx.project.livepreview = 0;
	prx.project.account = "x";
	prx.activePage = {};
		prx.user = {}; = '127344';
		prx.user.editor_access = true;
		prx.user.delete_access = true;
		prx.user.uuid = 'f57c902c-c520-43f2-866e-b4808442d396';
		prx.user.fullname = 'x'; = 'default';
	prx.embed = 0;

	<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="./stylesheets/preview-export-min.css">
	<script src="./scripts/preview-export-min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div class="sidebar-action-buttons">
		<span class="created-using-protoio created-using-protoio-0">
			<a href="" target="_blank" class="created-using-protoio-slideout"><span>Created using</span></a>
			<span class="created-using-protoio-logo"></span>

			<span class="header-action-button icon-reload" id="refresh-preview">
				<span class="tooltip">Refresh preview</span>
			<span  class="header-action-button icon-rotate" id="change-orientation">
				<span class="tooltip">Change orientation</span>
<div class="frame_generic">
	<div class="body_generic skin_default skin-wrapper skin-os-default skin-device-phone skin-size- skin-color-black skin-orientation-portrait">

		<div class="buttons top"></div>
		<div class="detail-top"></div>
		<div class="web-search"></div>
		<div class="buttons left"></div>

		<div class="body_generic_inner" >


			<iframe id="pio-playerframe" src="" scrolling="NO" width="500" height="500" style="width:500px; height: 500px; overflow: hidden;"></iframe>

		<div class="buttons right"></div>
		<div class="detail-bottom"></div>