How to embed a html file hosted on Google Drive?

I have an html file I want to embed to Webflow. It was successful with Azure CDN, but it is costly so I would like to change to Google Drive or Dropbox. How can I do that?
I created dropbox ‘anyone can view’ link in dropbox as well, but I could not successfully embed to Webflow afterall.
dropbox link:Dropbox - asztalfogl.html - Simplify your life

Here is the read only link:

It looks like you’re trying to embed an entire webpage (from <html> to </html> including the <head> and <body> tags).

This doesn’t really work unless you embed that within an iframe (or similar function) and it’s hosted elsewhere (a webserver, not a dropbox/drive). Azure is one way to do that. Another way is to create a webserver on any other hosting and just upload the files (DigitalOcean Droplets or some kind of shared hosting).

In all of these cases… I’m almost positive that there is a better way to do what you’re trying to do. Can you please go past the “I want to host this file and embed it” and tell us what the actual functionality is that you’re trying to achieve on the page? I.E.: Why are you trying to embed an HTML file vs actually create the content on the page?