External form integration

I have the fillowing form code I want to integrate with webflow form

<script>var amo_forms_params = {"id":1111111111,"hash":"0000000000000000","locale":"ru"};</script>
<script id="amoforms_script" async="async" charset="utf-8" src="https://forms.amocrm.ru/forms/assets/js/amoforms.js"></script>

What should I do to make this work?

What does this script do? Is there any documentation that comes with this?

it pushes submitted form to CRM
there is some documentation here https://developers.amocrm.com/examples/

Where is your “handler.php” file hosted? You can’t host this file with Webflow.

for now – nowhere, but i can host it on my server or on a dropbox

I suggest contacting your web developer to perform this integration. If you need one you can find them here https://experts.webflow.com

Also check out www.formsparrow.com for an easy alternative