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Associate a form with a CRM system

Does anybody has any idea of to do this? When someone fills the form then this info to end up to a CRM system? We already have a tone of custom code here so zapier would like to avoid.

Read only link:

If you navigate to Bond Pages and press the more info button down to the bottom right, then you will see the form. We need to put a tag there so theCRM knows where the form came in from. There is also a lot of custom code regarding the form.

Does anyone know were to position the tag?

You can use

Sure, but there is loads of custom code already

Every CRM has it’s own way to get the information from the form, some of them even offer their own widgets to install in your site. I would suggest check your CRM’s docs to understand how they need you to configure your form into your project to be able to pull the information from it.

Also these areas are the ones that can help you depending on your CRM requirements:

I think the details are in the custom code of the page, it is just that i do not know the JS syntax to say to the server that this form has a certain tagsothe CRM can see it as such:

Can’t you call it through getElementById ?

wish i knew… have no idea about custom JS

I wish I could help more but code it’s not my area of expertise, I understand it but I can’t create it :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe the developer that created that code can help you?