Exported form submission with ajax


I’ve exported my site, and now trying to get my form to work.
I need to post the values from the form to my own server, but I want to do this with ajax (not loading another page)

I understood that if I modify the ‘action’ in the form, this will override the webflow.js script and post to my custom destination url, rather than to the webflow domain, but this doesn’t enable me to use ajax.

I took a look at the relevant part in the webflow.js file, but I’m not experienced enough to edit it without worrying about messing up something.

Can someone tell me how to update the code?


Okay, so in case someone needs this, here’s how I solved this issue:

In the webflow.js file, comment-out the contents of the function called ‘submitWebflow’.
Don’t delete the entire function as this will cause some other error.

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