Exportation de code puis integration sur autre site non webflow

I have a question about exporting code from a webflow page.
My client asks me to provide him with the HTML, CSS and Javascript code of a page that I built for him visually.
Besides, I’m bad at integration… Do you think that building the page on webflow, then exporting the code and providing it to him (as if it was me who built it :grimacing:), is doable?
Will my client’s development team be able to integrate my code into their site without worry? and will they see that i went through webflow?
Thank you for your answers…

Happy Friday to all

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Hi Mithiiilde,

You can easily export the code from your website by following the steps detailed on this page. This other page contains information on removing the Webflow branding from your HTML.

As a side note, I recommend adopting the mindset that just because you’ve built the site in Webflow does not discount the work you’ve done compared to building by hand. Unless you’ve made certain promises to your client re: how you build websites, I would hope using Webflow isn’t an issue, especially since at its core, it’s still building with unabstracted code.

Hope this helps!

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I have seen your tool, and it looks really interesting, but before you piggyback on any other threads to try and shill it, consider whether the implementation is actually providing meaningful value above the existing option for the question at hand – in this case, “how can I export HTML from my Webflow project and remove the branding”.

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Merci, oui le code est nickel. ça me permet vraiment de mettre en forme plus facilement.

J’ai envoyé un morceau de code pour test à mon client, le développeur ne connaissait pas webflow et m’a fait un excellent retour du code fournit! Impeccable!

Merci de ta réponse