Export of Project brokens the interactions

Hi, as I read on other topics before, there were issues about interactions with published projects before. But I couldn’t figure out how to solve my problem.

Everything works fine on preview and published site on webflow. But after my export to http://anh-tuan-ha.com/index.html my interactions seem to be broken.

There is one error but I can´t figure out what this link is. Can somebody have a look?

Noticed that it´s a chrome thing. Firefox works fine…

Seems like it´s a problem caused by webflow generated code?
Thank you guys!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Recently heard the following steps to do prior to exporting a site with interactions.

  • Clean unused classes from the Style Manager tab
  • Perform a Cmd+Shift+S and name the backup
  • Unpublish the site from the Publish menu

I’ve not tried this myself, but at least the first two steps should be done before exporting for sure.
Let me know if this works for you.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for reaching out. I found out its caused by the missing htaccess file and the fact that I had to delete cookies after every upload.