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Different Interactions animation in exported HTML

When publishing on the domain, the animation works as it should (text moves right close to the right side.

But in the exported code it is different. Note that the text on the right side does not move close of the screen (look at screenshot in bottom):

Because of this, everything on the domain in the mobile version does not work as it should.

Tell me what could be the matter?

Hi @bro-design, thanks for your post. I took a look, but the external hosted site does not get past the animation:

Could you go to your export window and when the screen comes up that shows the preview of the html code, could you take a screenshot of that export window and post it here so I may take a peek how that looks? There is an open issue on some sites where the html is getting minified with extra white space and it may be necessary to run the code through a minifier like or similar.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @cyberdave, here full exported HTML (local version also does not work correctly):

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