Website export shows no CMS content

Hello Webflow users;),

I recently was finishing a website and I thought everything would work when I released it. But I have 0 clue, why the whole CMS content does not show up. In the test domain, everything works fine, but when I export the project to release it on my own domain, the CMS content isn’t there.

Maybe I’ve missed a really simple information and I am also not sure, if I need an extra plan bought from webflow to use CMS but I didn’t find anything about that in the internet.

I’d be really happy for any help.
Thank you;)

This is how it should look like:

Howdy @HairyPopper and welcome to the community :wave:

While you can export your CMS project to host externally, CMS functionality (along with things like native Ecommerce, password protection, and site search) is only available when the site is hosted on Webflow itself. Thankfully, even though your project export doesn’t include this content, you can export your collection data manually to use within a third-party CMS solution on your self-hosted site.

If you’d rather stick with the no/low-code options for self-hosted, CMS-powered sites, I’d recommend looking into Udesly. They offer a “Webflow to Jamstack” conversion which allows you to manage that content with Netlify CMS instead. This is a paid tool, but it will definitely minimize the headache of needing to convert a site manually after it’s exported.

Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

@HairyPopper Let me help you
Share your webflow URL and email and give me 10 mins

Thanks :slight_smile: