Exporting CMS content with the website


I have used the CMS collection to build a section of my website and when i want to export the website the CMS collection section is not exported with it Is there a way to add it?

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The exporting of CMS Items as pages is not supported by Webflow’s export. You can export items as a CSV and import them into another CMS or you can use a tool like wget to copy the site to your local hard drive, and use that as the content on your new host.

Is this a planned feature? I really need to be able to export the entire site including the CMS content to justify the monthly cost. Will subscribe again when this is an included feature.

@thePR0M3TH3AN - Webflow rarely pre-announces features prior to release. I have no special insight. I would think that it would not be likely since it could cannibalize CMS hosting and effect revenue. When I need content to be free I choose alternatives.