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Export Form Data to New Page

Hello, here’s yet another form question! But I’ve diligently sifted through a few pages about forms and have no found an answer to my question.

My client wants to be able to pass all form data to another URL (without posting the form directly to it). We host the site externally so he doesn’t want the “editor” account to view form submissions in webflow.

I’m assuming there’s a bunch of code talk (and perhaps clarifying questions) that is required to make this work and I’ll do my best to understand and keep up. But any help would be appreciated.

@oceanandsnowdesign when you say “without posting the form directly to it” , do you mean your client wants to have the form data POST to URL-1, and THEN send the data to URL-2?

If so, may I ask why your client doesn’t simply want the form data to POST to URL-2 initially?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Apparently, what they want to do is have webflow post to the secondary URL AFTER it collects and handles it on their [webflow’s] end.

The reasoning is that they want to keep the simplicity of webflow as a standalone site but have it hook into their custom CRM without having to cannibalize the webflow site into it directly.


I think you could use zapier for this. Here are some zaps to take a look at:

Thanks for the tip! Definitely going to save this for future projects.

Unfortunately my client says these options won’t work for him.

And realistically the method he wants may not be viable which he understands if that’s the case.