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If Webflow ever goes away, what happens to my site?

If I were to create a clients website in Webflow, and the company goes out of business or something, what happens to the code on my site? Does it disappear?

It’s unlikely the service will be gone over a day. You have the opportunity to export. The scenario could for example be that they announce that the service will no longer be available and you have six months to export your site after that the site will be lost. I’ve seen it on other services and most times you have time to take actions with your saved data.

Even if Webflow suddenly disappears the sites we built live on a datacenter hosted on another company. So maybe they live a bit longer even if Webflow is gone.

But you never now, it could be save to have a folder locally with sites that you built saved.

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I agree, Webflow’s unlimited export feature is great for this. I have a folder with local backups of the sites I work on. They are labled with the project name and the date of the export.

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