Pull CMS data from WebFlow

What if I want to design a website in WebFlow and then host it elsewhere with the CMS?
Can’t I export the code and then work some code magic to pull the CMS data from webflow?
If you have any information about this, please reply to this post, thank you in advance!:pray:

Not “with the CMS,” since that’s part of the hosting feature set.
However with a copy of the CMS data = yes.


Export the HTML, export the CSV, load it into a separate CMS product, do your coding to integrate it.

Use Udesly Jamstack, which exports the CMS to 11ty and uses Netlify’s CMS.

Sync the CMS using Power Importer Pro or Whalesync to e.g. Airtable or another data repository. Build your site against that.

Of these, the Udesly option requires the least understanding of coding and systems design.


Thanks for the Power Importer mention @memetican.

Power Importer can help you sync from CSV or Airtable to Webflow. The sync is a one-way sync, so all your content has to be managed in that one source, Airtable or CSV. Webfow will be a mirror of that data source.
If you require a two-way sync between Airtable and Webflow, look at @whalesync.

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Thank you for the suggestions man this is so helpful, What kind of CMS products do you suggest?