Export and email forms

I’m completely new to website developing, I’m a designer and a client hired me to build a website so I started using WebFlow (I already bought a template).
Well, I already told the client he could redirect his domain to webflow, but I’m sure it was 10$ for free plans when I last checked it, but now it is 15$. The client already gave me part of the money, so I’m afraid he could give up.
So, my question is, can I subscribe a 1 month professional plan (which should be about 40$) to finish the website and export the code to be hosted elsewhere (and then unsubscribe the plan)?
If the answer is YES, will the client run in problems such as email forms not working ? Will they still work on another hosting service ? Should I configure them in webflow or can I configure them after I export the code ? Otherwise, which other option do I have? Please, don’t tell me to subscribe an yearly plan because I’m just planning to do 1 website (who knows about future). So It is a non-sense to pay 16$/mo or 35$/mo for year/s to mantain his site, and the client won’t pay all that money for sure :smile:

I am in exactly the same scenario.
Is there an answer to this?

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