Any small business owners / startups here who use webflow instead of hiring a freelancer / coder?

As per title.

Recently, I spent quite a bit of money hiring freelancers to code up my website for me, but the result always need a lot of changes etc, and to add to that, their attitude seems pretty bad and it’s like I’ve to chase them constantly for the site.

I’m getting fed up with all this and was wondering if getting a paid subscription for webflow ($16 per month) is actually cheaper in the long run? I intend to host the site on my own domain and export the code out from webflow once the design is done, so there might be a couple of months where I won’t be touching webflow (meaning the $16/month is paid for nothing for those months I don’t use WF).

Any startups who encountered similar situations like me?

You can always cancel your subscription if you are not using it.

You can also hire a Webflow Freelancer which, when the site is done, will not cost a lot to do some changes because:

Anyways, I don’t know the specifics of your site, but i’d be glad to help :smile:

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