Explain Editor Branding (whitelabeling) please?

Please, someone explain me, because I’m totally confused now. :confused:

For example, I want to make ONE website in a new webflow account for my client, and add CMS hosting monthly — $20 total

In help section I see — ‘Editor Branding is 10$ for Starter and Personal plans and 5$ For Professionals and Team plans.’

But in my free account I see that ‘Editorial Branding is Available only on PRO and TEAM plans’, and I don’t see any Starter Plan. Is it old help articles?

SO if I want to change branding in editor, I need to pay +$42 for PRO plan, AND +$5 for branding removal AND $20 for hosting? — $67 total?

I can’t imagine how to explain this price to my client :flushed:

Do I need to pay extra $10 for editor branding? Do I need PRO account + $5 JUST for this option? Is Editor Branding included in $20 (!) CMS hosting plan?

OR It supposed to be like, I create a PRO account, have all website of my clients in my PRO account, and pay $20 + $5 for each website with CMS hosting?


PS I can’t use Client Billing because we don’t have Stripe in Russia. This is the reason why I want to use separate account for client website. But if there is no option for $20 a month, ooh…

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Did you mean this? Using Webflow to design websites for a client It’s already outdated since the launch of new pricing since Dec 2016.

You should use this instead https://webflow.com/pricing/designer-plans Whitelabel is only available on Pro/Team plans.

So this means that you only need to pay $35 x 12 (yearly), then $12 x 12 for basic hosting (yearly). Of course, if you are on the Pro plan means you should have multiple clients and not just one, so you can use client billing and slightly mark-up to cover the cost of your own Pro plan.

I remember, that if I use PRO plan, I have to pay less for hosting.

Seems like now I pay 32$ for PRO plan (yearly) + 16$ for each CMS hosting (yearly) — but is white labelling included? Or I have to pay additional $5 for $16 CMS hosting?

Hosting pricing is now separate.

If you are on the Pro plan, and the project is hosted under your account, no additional white labelling charges.

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As I understand, there is no way to use white labelling with $16 CMS hosting on Free account?

IIRC, no I don’t think so. If you transfer a project to your client’s free account, they won’t have white labelling.

You should read the official announcement here: Upcoming new features and pricing changes

An email was also sent to you if you were around during the change.

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