Expired custom domain

Hello, I currently have a custom domain hosted with a provider that I purchased. My preference is to discontinue my membership with this hosting service and instead purchase the domain through Webflow. If I were to connect my custom domain to Webflow and simultaneously cancel my membership, including the hosting of my custom domain, would I safely be able to purchase the domain through Webflow after it has been successfully canceled?

Not sure if this is out of date, but the docs read;

Even if Webflow allows domain purchase ( I thought this had been added ), I don’t believe it supports domain transfers. That means you’d have to wait for your domain to expire, wait ~60 more days for it to be released before it can be purchased again. Risky, if someone else snipes it.

There’s no point really, find a domain registrar you like or keep your current one but cancel any hosting services you have with them, and just point the domain to Webflow.