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Is it possible to move your shopify domain link to Webflow?

If so, could you please explain how?

Are you talking about a domain name you registered through Shopify specifically?

Since register domains through Webflow like you can with Shopify, you’ll want to transfer the domain itself to a third-party registrar (I use Hover, but there lots of other options).

Once it’s been transferred, you’ll be able to tie your domain to your Webflow site in the Project Settings:

Keep in mind that transferring a domain requires you to pay for an additional year on top of how much time you still have left on your registration, however transferring itself should be free.

Yes a domain name, I bought the domain name through shopify. If I cancel the shopify subscription will I be able to keep the domain link on webflow?

Are you talking about cancelling the Shopify subscription? I’m honestly not too sure, but a quick search shows that they recommend moving the domain away from the platform before cancelling:

Yes, you can transfer your domain away from Shopify that is no issue at all. I would recommend doing this first before closing the account so it is moved away fully.

My recommendation moving forward is to always keep the domain separate from the platform as it will make it easier to break away from the platform if needed and simplifies managing the DNS within your preferred registrar. In my case I manage a handful of personal domains and a few client domains, but even if you’re only managing a single personal domain it makes things a whole lot easier.