Expanded CMS API capabilities for developers

We’ve expanded our CMS API to include new endpoints and a sort / filter capability for more efficient and scalable API operations.

At Webflow we are deeply invested in unlocking more flexibility and scale for developers, and in a step forward, today we are expanding our CMS API to include:

  • Two new GET endpoints enabling developers to fetch CMS data directly from their live site database, versus only their staged site database
  • A new sort and filter capability that enables more precise GET requests by “item name”, “slug/url”, and “published date” for both staged and live/published CMS data.

Available for all customers via our public CMS API, these updates will improve the efficiency of API operations and reduce rate inflation when developers need to programmatically serve content in and out of Webflow’s CMS or build integrations with their best-in-breed tech stack.

To get started with these new API capabilities, see our developer documentation. We’ve also created an in-depth guide that covers our CMS APIs holistically and step-by-step instructions on how to leverage them, which you can find here.