Use Webflow CMS as an Outfacing API?

Hey All,

We have a web app that I would like to pull data from our Webflow CMS using the API, is that possible? Can the webflow data API be used to send CMS data to other apps?

So for example, I want to be able to post a video or a blog post to the Webflow CMS and have that blog or video feed into our web app in the announcements area.


Yeah, you can get the info you want through the API.
Check out the documentation here:

Just fetch the collection ID from the collection (for example the blog post list), then get the latest item there from your favorite API tool or script. You’ll get an array of the fields, containing text fields, image urls, video urls etc.

There are some pretty bad API rate limits though (60 calls per minute), so be sure to store the info somewhere.