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Conditional CMS Collection Items?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to create a “web app” with Webflow (multi vendor ecommerce) to connect to my already exisitng database so that users who are not willing or able to download the native app can still use the platform.

I wanted to know how the CMS live items work (I could not find the answer to my exact question in the forum nor webflow tutorials and all). So if someone accesses the site and signs in, and each signed user has a landing page with different contnet (e.g recent orders), would I have to:

  1. Constantly update/add/remove the CMS collection items (via the API) whenever a change is registered on my non-webflow database and then set up filters to account for each user programatically?

  2. GET from my database then POST to CMS Collection only once each user has signed in?

Or is it something else maybe? In this specific case the end goal is for each user to view only their content specifically as quickly as possible without viewing someone else’s data. So if user 1 has one recent order and user 2 has two recent orders, would the collection need to have 3 items and then filter those items based on the user? Or can each user after succesfull sign in have a “cache” from a GET request of only their items?

EDIT: Fixed some errors for better clarity.