Everything is possible. New inspiration

Hello community! :smiley:

Sometimes it is hard to explain with words how much I like Webflow and how many perspective I see in it.

Sometimes I get expired by amazing works of famous webdesigners and sometimes even just some video or moments from real life.
So here is one more example, that mostly we limited only by our mind. Do not be afraid to think out of borders :wink:

3D visual effect, recreated with pure Webflow. Animated lines.
Hope you will enjoy :wink:

If you want to look it “from inside” here is link to the project https://webflow.com/website/3D-Animated-lines



Now it would be nice to have a new page added to Webflow for animation, like interactions. That way we help anyone, in the community, use the mind with Webflow. :blush:

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That was absolutely awesome @sabanna :smiley: I love it!!! About how long did that take you to do would you say? That’s another way to express how powerful Webflow is :smiley:


I was wondering how you did it without a line tool.

then when I saw… I thought. “ah so desu ka”.

or… I see :open_mouth: (woooooooooowwwww)

and I liked :smile:


Thank you guys :smiley:

@Waldo_Broodryk, I did it last night, took about 6h. Had to make some math for every line, then should check and fix every step.

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No way! Mind = Blown. Wow awesome.

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:smile: lol Thank you, Sean!
Hope your mind will come back all together for new awesome works :wink:

haha nice… I will try. If my mind keeps getting blown by you though I may suffer brain damage.