Event Template (CMS)

Hey Guys!! check out my latest template build from scratch http://prototype-bpp.webflow.io/
Look forward to your comments!
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Very nice job @Hyaad! I’m loving the bright blue along with the black. :relaxed: Was this for a client or just for a template?

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Thank you!!! Appreciate. It is actually a template.

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Nice work! It has style! Can we actually give constructive feedback? :slight_smile:

On desktop

  • I find that the sections melt one with each other too much, it’s not easy for you eye and brain to distinguish one section after another. More space between them and an alternance of dark backgrounds would do the trick
  • it lacks a slogan element after the big title on the hero section, to explain very simply what the event is. Like “BlackPalm is a metal music festival happening in Sacramento on April 25th 2016” AND a call to action with a secondary option, like “GET TICKETS NOW” “Or check out who we booked for this year”
  • the hidden menu that appears after the scrolling started could use an animation, to kill the abrupt way it shows up.
  • it’s an event, the footer should clearly get links to every question people are going to ask themselves and haven’t located yet in the page : programmation, booking tickets, how to come, party goers advices, who are we? etc…
  • it’s an event. The “event” primary link in the menu should maybe spread up into what the event is made of: location, practical stuff, booking, tickets, artists…

On Mobile

  • the mobile doesn’t retain the cool look of the desktop, it could have an animated gif in the hero background
  • menu icon can be 4 times bigger, or as it’s a one pager, a menu crafted for mobile could be better than a dropdown menu.
  • a bit more space (padding) on sections would make things breathe (why not using height 100vh on some sections so you got an “app” feeling?

Really hope you don’t take this the wrong way! I like where the page is going.

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Appreciate! Your feedback was welcome. I’m actually working on a new one so I’ll try each and every of your suggestions.Thank you!!!

Hey check this out https://webflow.com/website/hardcore?s=hardcore. Look forward to your advices!